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Sailor Jerry Documentary on Needled




Our friends at Needled just caught wind of the Sailor Jerry Documentary. Take a look at what they wrote:

Today's moving imagery of tattoo life encompasses LA rockers, Brooklyn hipsters, and those who seek their 15 minutes of fame by honoring their dead animals in the flesh on reality TV. As an afront to this wave of thin skinned tattooratti comes the sea weathered Sailor Jerry resurrected to kick all our asses in the fabulous feature length documentary Hori Smoku Sailor Jerry: The Life and Times of Norman Keith Collins.

Sailor Jerry's macho and mystique, dark humor and intelligence, and naturally his famed tattoo artistry -- earning him the title as one of the founding fathers of modern day tattooing -- are all explored through rare interviews, archival footage, photographs, and the personal stories of his peers including Ed Hardy, Bob Roberts, Lyle Tuttle, Zeke Owen, and the late, great Mike Malone.

Watch the trailer and be transported to the back alley parlors by Honolulu docks where enlisted men stopped to get Stewed, Screwed and Tattooed before heading off to fight in WWII.

The feature, written and directed by Erich Weiss, Inked Mag's editor-at-large, will be screened March 12-14th at the SXSW Film Festival.