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Review on Miami New Times

Celebrate Sailor Jerry's Tattoo Legacy Tomorrow With a Documentary, Jacuzzi Boys, and Free Booze!
By Arielle Castillo

Here's a last-minute heads up: Tomorrow night is the local screening of Hori Smoku Sailor Jerry, the new documentary about the life and times of the tattoo legend. Born Norman Keith Collins, he became the go-to ink man in Hawaii, where he developed his singular style on the bodies of hard-living military men. Jerry introduced real artistic finesse to tattooing, using bold colors, clean lines, and Japanese influences he picked up thanks to his locale.

The documentary itself is based on archival footage and photographs, and interviews with his contemporaries and followers. It's been slowly making its way around the country, and lands in Miami tomorrow night for a screening at the Miami Art Space, 244 NW 35th Street. Doors open at 7 p.m., and there will be a Q&A with Hori Smoku director Erich Weiss, as well as a party afterwards with a live set by Jacuzzi Boys, and, of course, free Sailor Jerry rum. Admission is free, but you must be 21 and over, and you must RSVP at this link.

Bottom line: Sailor Jerry was awesome; the rum that bears his name is tasty. Add these together, and it's a worthwhile reason to leave the house on a Tuesday night. (Plus, for those who want to keep it going afterwards, you can drive a little up Biscayne to the Nightdrive party at the American Legion bar in Legion Park). Let's hope the Sailor Jerry merchandising stops with the rum, flash reproductions, and the so-far-tasteful, limited-distribution clothing. Keep Sailor Jerry's legacy out of the hands of the Christian Audigiers of the world -- we don't need him turned into another Ed Hardy!