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Hori Smoku on Houston Press Music Blog


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Hori Smoku on Houston Press Music Blog

Tomorrow night, Rocbar hosts a screening of the documentary on legendary tattoo pioneer Sailor Jerry. Hori Smoku Sailor Jerry documents the life of the artist, through his days in the Navy and Merchant Marines, to perfecting tattooing in Hawaii and San Francisco. Norman "Sailor Jerry" Collins was a cantankerous but loving man who practiced his craft with as much care as a surgeon would use on a heart or a pair of lungs. The man passed away in 1971, but not before imparting his wealth of knowledge and art to guys like Mike Malone and Ed Hardy.

Jerry's design work is more prevalent on punk rockers and rockabilly guys more than anyone else in the music business. It's extremely traditional and wholly patriotic work, dealing with military and romantic themes. His catalog of flash lends itself to the working-class ethos of the aforementioned sub-genres.