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Hori Smoku on Gambit Daily


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Hori Smoku on Gambit Daily

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Jerry’s Kids

Tattoos are common enough now that chances are you have an aunt with a cute butterfly or dolphin on her shoulder blade. Those trying to make a statement need to consider getting a lot of territory inked. But even that isn’t new. The New Orleans Film Fest screens Hori Smoku Sailor Jerry today (Monday, Oct. 13) at 5:30 p.m. at Prytania Theatre. Sailor Jerry is the godfather of American tattooing. After serving in the merchant marine he set up shop in Honolulu and tattooed thousands of sailors and Marines shipping out during World War II. Jerry was an innovator with ink and needles, and he imported from Japan techniques for shading and a muralist’s approach to full-body tattooing. He was also quite a character — an outspoken, right wing libertarian who had an all night radio show for years. The film covers the wildness of Honolulu’s Hotel district in Chinatown, where men partied with lusty abandon before heading off to war. And it features interviews with famous tattoo artists who learned the trade from Sailor Jerry.